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  • About the Artist
    Born in 1976 in Dublin, Ireland, Simon discovered his love of art at a young age. Following his natural artistic instinct, he acquired techniques and preferences which he relates through his work, encompassing brush and palette knife work, subtle under-painting and graduating alterations in colour.
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  • Artist Style
    Simon Kenny is a multi-award-winning artist, celebrated nationally and internationally for his vibrant, expressive paintings.
    His style is best described as ‘lyrical abstraction’; characterised as a ‘radical Turner’, in recent press coverage he has attracted significant attention for his growing collection of ‘colour burst’ paintings.

    Simon’s fascination with the world around him clearly manifests itself through his work, yet no piece is ever site specific. His aim is for the viewer to connect personally with each composition – to be reminded of a place they once knew, or visited by an unexpected moment of emotion.

    Dramatic, atmospheric and totally captivating, Simon’s dynamic abstracts are widely collected by both private and corporate clients located around the globe with an extensive collector base throughout the U.S and Europe. His work has appeared in many prestigious exhibitions and galleries coupled with national tours at select locations.

    “My personality is a big part of how I paint. I do become incredibly emotionally involved with my work, almost treating it as though it’s a living thing connected to me. My mood plays a part in the colours I choose, or the way I use my brushes and knives, and it can certainly affect the direction of the work; that’s what makes it so special to me.”

    Simon's recent feedback from collector Professor Steven Hawking CBE ““It looks like everything about space I cannot explain.”
  • Exhibitions
    Grand Hotel Folkestone, Kent 2011
    A1 Exhibition Whitstable 2011
    S.E.S.E The Grand Hotel Folkesotne 2011
    Barfrestone Court 2011
    FAS Winter Exhibition Grand Hotel Folkestone 2011
    FAS Spring Exhibition 2012
    Tetbury Gallery 2012
    Harbour Exhibition Folkestone 2012
    Johnny Cotter Gallery 2013
    Manchester Art Fair 2012
    Edinburgh Art Fair 2013
    Art at Five 2013
    Batterses Evolution 2013
    Bristol AFF 2013
    Whitewall Gallery Westbourne Grove Notting Hill 2014
    Whitewall Leicester 2014
    Whitewall Richmond 2014
    Whitewall Birmingham 2014
    Lemongrove Reading 2015
    Whitewall York 2015
    Whitewall Leeds 2015
    Clarendon Fine Art Mayfair London 2015
    Whitewall London, 2015
    Whitewall Nottingham 2015
    Artique Tunbridge Wells 2016
    Lemongrove Henley 2016
    Whitewall Kingston Upon Thames 2016
    Whitewall Cirencester 2016
    Whitewall Birmingham 2016
    Whitewall Weybridge 2017
    Whitewall Chichester 2017
    Whitewall Westbourne Grove Notting Hill 2017
    Lemongrove Chiswick 2017
    Whitewall Leeds 2017
    Whitewall Manchester 2017
    Whitewall Chelmsford 2018
    Whitewall Bluewater 2018
    Artique Brighton 2018
    Artique Norwich 2018
    Whitewall Liverpool 2018
    Whitewall Manchester 2018
    Whitewall Kingston 2018
    Whitewall Birmingham 2018
    Whitewall Nottingham 2018

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