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  • About the Artist
    Born in Perak, Malaysia. Niçois by adoption, works and lives in Nice.
    He started in the art world by working for American artist and fashion designer Ken Scott in Milan Italy in the 1980s and the same time taking fine arts classes at scuola di Belle Arti di Brera and Scuola d’Arte Applicata del Castello in Milan. Michel decided to pursue his passion by becoming a full-time artist and left Milan to Install in Nice.
    Over the years, he has developed a specific style of artworks of his own.
    To achieve a perfect quality, Michel has established links with the famous foundry of Massimo Del Chiaro in Pietrasanta, Italy, where renowned international artists such as Fernando Botero, Giuseppe Penone, Richard Brixel and others work.

    His first bronze sculpture won the first prize at the Prestige of Art & Prestige of Europe in Nice. Another sculpture, ''Aidos'', was awarded the Prix de la Commission Nationale auprès de l'UNESCO '' in Monaco.

    In his workshop in Old Nice, he continues to create and honour institutional and private orders.
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  • Artist Style
    First of all, its only after much contemplation and mental visualisation of the form,volume and space and later by drawing this imagination on a piece of paper, or some time doing a painting of these idea that I am able to eventually conceptionalize these vibrational art pieces in three dimension sculptures.
    In every art piece of mine one can feel the passion and emotion put in it, and each time I marvel at my creation and believing as its the ultimate and the best artwork that I have ever done.
    Quite often someone ask me like how long does it takes to finish a certain piece of work, its impossible and I can never put a time period to finish a said creation, as a for an example I started up to touch up a sculpture that’s to be 35x37x24cm and it ended 70x80x35cm. I remember another painting after its done I felt that there is something’s missing in it, and one year later all I had to do is just add a few dash of splashes of water which took only a mere ten minutes and Bingo... its done.
    And its hugely rewarding when you see a person walk toward the sculpture with that awe and admiration in their eye’s and only after caressing it and with guilt, they ask if it was OK to touch them. Ha ha haa! even though its strictly “ verboten “ to touch with greasy hands etc... for me its a pure pleasure when this happens. As its very appreciable knowing that they senses the vibration of what I am transmitting through my works invoking some deep and positive colours on somebodies feeling, and that what I am doing is after all thats special indeed.
    1) A wonderful reward it was when it was announced that the prestigious prize of the year 2005 for painting & sculpture goes to Michel Anthony in Nice, France
    2) It was a sweet surprise when it was announced that I was the winner during the “ Salon A.I.A.P. UNESCO 2012 “ , in Monaco, for my sculpture " Aidos "
    3) For me its quite an honour when my sculpture " The Power of Music " was selected for the " Bicentenary of Giuseppe Verdi " and exhibited at the M.O.CA Montecatini Terme Tuscany in Italy in 2013
    4) Recieved “ Prix Revelateur de Talents 2015 ” of La Art freedom Salon Business Art at l'Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris.
    Michel Anthony 2016
  • Artist Education
    Scuola di Belle Arti di Brera and Scuola d’Arte Applicata del Castello in Milan
  • Exhibitions
    1990 : Participation/Amici Dei Artiste, Milan, Italy.
    1994 : Exposition Personal/Comite d'enterprise, Virbac Laboratory,
    Carros, France
    1995 : Exposition personal/Baltic Orplid Yachting. St Tropez. France.
    1998 : Participation/Artist of Perak at May-Bank, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    2000 : Participation Sculpture Competition, National Art Gallery, Malaysia.
    2001 : Exposition Personal / Anderson Consulting, Sofia Antipolis, France.
    2003 : Exposition/Café des Arts, Menton, France.
    2005 : Exposition/Gallery Artemesia, Nice, France.
    2005 : Exposition/Hotel Marriott, La port de Monaco.
    2005 : Participation/Academie de Peinture et du Sculpture de Nice & Riviera.
    2006 : Exposition Personal / Place de la Poissonerie, Grasse.
    2006 : Exposition/Hotel Concord Laffayette & Ambassade de Malaysia.
    2006 : Participation/Gallery Artemisia, Nice, France.
    2006 : Participation/Forum du Printemps Artistique, Port St Laurent du
    2006 : Participation/Active Painting, place de la Poissonerie, Grasse.
    2006 : Participation/Sculpture, INRA, Sofia Antipolis
    2006 : Participation/Exposition Ville de Trinité, Nice.
    2006 : Participation/Exposition International Kobe 2006, Japan
    2006 : Participation/Competition, U M N, Nice
    2006 : Participation/Concour International,Club House, Port St Laurant.
    L'Académie des Arts de la Maison Royal de Tanna.
    2006 : Participation/Grand Marche d ' Art Contemporain, Valbonne.
    2006 : Participation Pluie des Toiles, Cannes; :
    2006 : Participation/Rencontre d'art Sémiotique du Golf de St-Tropez
    2006 : Participation/Sculpture competition, Aigle de Nice, St-Laurant.
    2007 : Participation/Espace Arts , Foire de Nice.
    2007 : Participation/Bureau de Tourism Malaisie, Paris
    2007 : Participation/Prestige des Art : Prestige de Europe. C.U.M. Nice
    2007 : Exposition/Cinquante ans de independence de Malaisie et 50 ans de
    Cooperation entre Malaisie et France, Pavillon Dauphine, Paris.
    2007 : Participation/Exposition de 'La Route de l'art, Breil sur Roya.
    2007 : Participation/Ambassade Internatinal des Arts ' Pluie des toiles '
  • Awards & Merits
    2012 Salon A.I.A.P. UNESCO, in Monaco, for my sculpture " Aidos "
    2005 : Prix «Prestige de la Art» & «Prestige de l'Europe 2005»
    Academie de Peinture & Sculpture de Nice et de la Riviera, pour la
    2005 : Coupe de «Ville de Nice» France.
    2006 : Premier, «Active Painting» Grasse.
    2006 : Maitre «Le Titre de membre de l'Institut de la Maison Royal de
    2006 : Troisième prix «Trinit» Arts Peinture et Sculpture 2006, Trinité.
    2006 : Diploma / Prix «Kobe International Arts» Japan. Pour Peinture
    2006 : Coupe de la Ville de Menton «Prestige de le Peinture Nice et la
    2006 : Prix de Jury, Trophy & Diplome, de Maison Royal de Tanna. Club
    2006 : Coupe de Menton «Grand Salon International» Nice.
    2006 : Coupe de «Christian Estrosi» Conseil General A.M.
    2006 : Prix du Jury pour sculpture «Aigle de Nice».
    2006 : Prix du Public pour Sculpture «Aigle de Nice».
    2007 : Premier, Trophy Consul des Philippines & Cap Vert,
    Prestige de l’Art / Prestige de l’Europe. Nice.
    He has also received great acclaim for his bronze sculptures during the 49th MalaysiaNational Day Celebrations at the Hotel Concorde Lafayette Paris in September 2006. His work was displayed to dignitaries and special guests as a Symbol of the unity and harmony of the Malaysian people where his roots lie and where many of his artistic ideas have their foundations.

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