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Art in the open sea, Michel Anthony


Michel Anthony was born in Perak, Malaysia. He spent his childhood in the rubber fields. He is already at work at the age of eight, at the same time as the school where he is very interested in drawing. At 14, he goes to work in a clinic. Two years later, he went to the capital Kuala Lumpur to attend a grocery store. He is 17 years old. We are in 1975, here he is on the island of Penang hired in a shipping agency. There begins for him a new adventure open to the open sea: Singapore, Phuket, Sri Lanka, Maldives ...

He is caught in a hurricane, which he keeps the terrible memory. He changes agency and leaves to join the crew of a big game fishing yacht and quickly becomes captain. Another boat and the journey continues: Goa, Bombay, Oman, Djibouti, Red Sea, Sudan, Port Said, Tel Aviv, Cyprus. There, he embarked on the yacht of stylist Ken Scott. The skipper Michel Anthony is 20 years old. He discovers the Adriatic Coast, Turkey and the Greek islands. 

 Our outdoor adventurer also discovers Italy, its cities of art. He began painting with Susan Nevelson, the beautiful daughter of the great American sculptor Louise Nevelson. Another trip to Greece gives rise to a new passion for sculpture. Ken Scott asks him to be his assistant and to go back to the Bréra school and the Castello school of applied arts in Milan.


This is a new landscape, a New World to travel, the artistic world of the 80s with beautiful encounters like that of Claude Duthuit grandson Matisse, and the American painter living in Vence, Silvia Braverman.

In 1991, Ken Scott disappears after a long illness. The Milan adventure ends for Michel. He goes down to the south of Italy to Reggio Calabria, the occasion of another Mediterranean sailboat trip that leads him to Nice where he falls in love with Magali and gets married. Small jobs, interspersed with trips to the sea, artistic work, ten years of joy and shared difficulties, until the unexpected death of his wife, in his arms, in December 2003, shortly before Christmas. This test is a turning point in his life. The sailor makes a decision: to commit totally to art in the two forms that please him above all else: painting and especially sculpture. Since 2008, he can be found in Old Nice, in his workshop where he exhibits his creations. He works at the Del Chiaro Foundry which also publishes the works of Botero, Mitoraj, Penone..

He is regularly exhibited in Monaco, Paris, Canada, Malaysia, Japan, Italy. Let the skipper-artist talk about his job. "For me, art is my life, my daily bread. I want to convey a feeling of joy, of joy, to express a message of life. That we can wake up in the morning and say that it's worth it. The artwork as a book tells a story. Each piece says something, both sculpture and painting, in the manner of an actor on the stage of a theater. He passes an emotion by representing a character.

For example, there is an angel sculpture that I call "Freedom". It has an impetus that makes pass the dynamism that is freedom. Frédéric Altmann, who is for me a friend, likes to say: "Artist is not a job, it's an adventure". I like this sentence. Of course, you have to make a living, and it's not easy to live with your art even if there are good sales. Like on a sailboat there are moments of calm as I have known in the Indian Ocean. It feels like you're not moving anymore. I also remember terrible storms, especially when it is necessary, at night, without protection, to be on the bridge swept by strong waves. But in the end, every time, there is the opportunity to discover new horizons. 

The fear of the sea leads to nothing. We do not embark on a boat to stay at the port. "Who does not risk anything has nothing" and I took a lot of risks in my life; a succession of choices, departures, new adventures. I do not regret any decision, they have all pushed me forward. My crossings taught me how to get through the storm and I learned a little more wisdom every time. A passage from a poem by Baudelaire says well what has led my life: "The true travelers are those who leave to leave; light hearts, like balloons, of their fatality they never deviate, and, without knowing why, always say: Come! " My life now is in Nice. But the adventure never stopped. She continues in my artistic research new forms, new things to say, new subjects. To the question: "What word or phrase summarizes everything? What immediately comes to my mind is an expression in English: "Get the bloody job done". It's actually difficult to translate. It means roughly: "The damn task you have to perform do it and do it well, go to the end by giving the best of yourself." And my task today is, in the manner of the skipper I once was, to lead to new horizons those who agree to board my works, to invite them to try the adventure with me and, why not, to leave in their turn. "




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