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La Force Infinite - Art Exhibition @ Arma Museum


The opening of the group art exhibition "La Force Infinite" by Japanese resident artists in Bali took place at the legendary Arma Museum in Ubud, Bali on 1 September 2018 with 60 participants including Mr. Agung Rai and Mr. Hirohisa Chiba, the consult of general Japan.  

Approximately 50 artworks are exhibited by 4 artists, Sirius (Painter), Mr. Futomo Ishii (Painter), Ms. Kumi Aso (Batik maker) and Ms. Misato Kunii (Potter) who have expressed the infinite force in their own views.  

Sirius has been based in Kusamba Beach, known as a power spot full of spiritual energy.  His daily ritual is waking up at 5am, practising yoga & meditation before he puts himself 100% on painting. Sirius is extremly dedicated in his artwork and channeling energy into his artworks. "I express the power of the universe and cosmetic ray."

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World Reknown Artist Robert Lyn Nelson


Though Robert Lyn Nelson is truly considered a “Modern Day Master” in many styles, he is most widely known for his work he created in 1979, his landmark paintings “Two Worlds.” This Iconic Art piece helped form and launch today’s Modern Marine Art Movement. His vision of life above and below the ocean’s surface set in motion a successful and widely adopted genres of contemporary Art and has become a powerful symbol for one of the most compassionate efforts of our time, the struggle to preserve life of the sea. From his love of the sea came wonderful whales and dolphins, which earned him an international reputation. He was the first fine artist to focus on marine life.                            


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Robert Lyn Nelson, to Present "Imperiled Leviathan" Painting at World Whale Day


MA'ALAEA, MAUI, HI -- World renowned artist Robert Lyn Nelson will present a dramatic oil and acrylic painting, Imperiled Leviathan, along with other recent works, at World Whale Day on Saturday, February 15, 2014 at Kalama Park in Kihei. The event takes place from 9 am to 7 pm. Admission is free.

The 48" x 48" painting, depicting underwater whales and dolphins is priced at $100,000, with the full sale price to be donated to Pacific Whale Foundation to support whale research, marine education programs for children and conservation efforts.

Sale of the Painting and Limited Edition Posters will Benefit Pacific Whale Foundation's Research, Education and Conservation Programs.

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Interview with José Sacal

Interview with José Sacal

Interview with José Sacal in August 2017

Where are you from?

I was born in Cuernavaca, Morelos. 2. How did you get interested in art? Since I was little I felt joy for drawing, modelling, singing, etc. When you are little your parents feel proud, but as you grow older, doing fun things becomes waste of time for your parents. I was a very lucky person, since, by marrying my beautiful wife, she influenced me and supported me to continue in the world of art, especially sculpture.

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Yaari Rom's solo exhibition at the ARMA Museum in Ubud, Bali


The legendary ARMA museum in Ubud, Bali is featuring Yaari Rom for the third time. A solo exhibition named “One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure” featuring artworks constructed out of recycled media that the artist worked on over the past three years collaborating with his students and Balinese children to source the materials and teaching them how to use recycled material and create amazing works of art. Yaari began creating recycled art over thirty years ago, the works began to appear for charity, raising money for women’s day, green piece, aids foundation, the celebrity art auction in support of the 2000 Paralympics Games Foundation in Sydney, the climate conference in Nusa Dua Bali and now being featured at ARMA Museum in Ubud.


In the Video Agung Rai, the founder of the ARMA Museum describes his appreciation for maestro Yaari Rom artwork "Dragon" during Yaari's One Man's Trash is Another Man's Pleasure solo exhibition at his museum in Ubud, Bali. 

Yaari’s Art is not limited to paintings, it's diverse forms of art include filmmaking, wearable arts and designing sustainable villas in interior for corporates, he is an avid supporter of education.

He’s body painting has earned him a wild reputation globally sanctioned by the Olympics and being given the honour of being the first body painter ever to be endorsed by the MDA Singapore government which caused great controversy and people were asked in the subsequent debate whether a body-painted person was naked or not. 75% of those surveyed said "not naked" and 25% said "naked", reflecting that many more people are pro-freedom of expression than not. He is the creator of art release therapy for AHP (Advancement Humanistic Physiology Conference), Laughter and Play conference, APEC conference Bali, exhibiting professionally since 1970.

Artworks on display..

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Making the most of arty Hong Kong: Art Basel and beyond

After years of barely registering on the art world’s radar, Hong Kong is now one of its top-tier destinations. Photograph: Omar Z Robles.
A woman looks at Japanese artist Kusama Yayois Untitled - Infinity Net (C) during the Sothebys Autumn Sales week in Hong Kong
It’s the perennial question: how do you start with a blank canvas and end up with a multimillion-pound product? In just over a decade, Hong Kong’s art market has grown to the third-largest in the world, behind only New York and London. Fairs and galleries have blossomed in the city – and the local and street art scenes are thriving alongside them.

Much of Hong Kong’s art market has its origins in the Art HK art fair, set up in 2008 to spark investor interest in Hong Kong – the perfect location for China’s burgeoning art investors, as well as established western investors with a taste for contemporary Chinese art. The fair was a hit, and in 2013 Art Basel bought out Art HK, propelling it to international prominence. The annual show, this year running 9-31 March, is the keystone of the city’s art calendar – and its success has led a host of other art fairs to grace the city: Art Central is timed to coincide with Art Basel, but aims for a more Asian focus; the twice-yearly Asia Contemporary Art Fair is a far more intimate affair set over several floors of the Conrad Hotel; while May’s Affordable Art Fair is aimed squarely at first-time buyers. Auctions at Sotheby’s and Christie’s have set global records, trading everything from pink diamonds to Warhols and whiskies

Meanwhile, the gallery scene is booming, with international blue chip galleries moving into the Central business district: London’s White Cube and New York’s Gagosian and Lehmann Maupin, to name just a few, all occupy the few hundred square meters that mark the city’s most desirable retail real estate.

The brand new H Queen’s tower in the heart of Central is focused on luxury retail and art, with a prominent ground-floor exhibition space and skyscraping galleries from international names including Hauser & Wirth, Pace and David Zwirner. While you’re in the area, the venerable Pedder Building has long been home to some of the city’s most prestigious galleries, and a trip through its corridors can leave behind a score of happy gallerists.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Joins Magnus, the App That Aims to Demystify the Art Market, as an Investor and Advisor - Artnet


The Oscar-winning actor and art collector has thrown his support behind the startup developed by former gallerist Magnus Resch.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been a familiar presence in art fairs, auction-house skyboxes, and museum galas for years, building a reputation as a plugged-in collector hungry for new art—sometimes even acquiring it with the help of his Instagram account. Now the Oscar-winning actor has stepped

further into this intersection of art and technology by becoming an investor in Magnus, the app company that bills itself as a “Shazam for art,” as well as an advisor to the startup moving forward.

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