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Finger Painting, Blue and Emerald Green

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Oil Painting by Sirius
Size L 5CM W 200CM H 200CM
Featured ArtistSirius

“Eastern Bali Kusamba Beach where I live is one of the most powerful spots in Bali.

While waking up at 5 o'clock, worship sunrise, having meditation, practicing yoga and singing the Heart Sutra, the light of the universe falling from space came to be visible suddenly. Drawing it down on the canvas with one index finger is the best way.  I concentrate on my drawing every morning from sunrise for 3 hours.

If you continue to paint for a month, the big canvas is full of light energy.”

In a crate
Bali, Indonesia
Weight 4Kg
Depth 5CM
Width 200CM
Height 200CM


Alex -

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

This is truly remarkable