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Then Came The Day

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Large mixed media painting on canvas by Simon Kenny
Size L 5CM W 132CM H 102CM
Featured ArtistSimon Kenny

'Then Came The Day'  by Simon Kenny.

Contemporary Large Canvas Abstract Mixed Media Painting.

A truly unique expressionist statement artwork piece on large canvas.

Simon Kenny is a multi-award-winning artist, celebrated nationally and internationally for his vibrant, expressive paintings.
His style is best described as ‘lyrical abstraction’; characterised as a ‘radical Turner’, in recent press coverage he has attracted significant attention for his growing collection of ‘colour burst’ paintings.

“My personality is a big part of how I paint. I do become incredibly emotionally involved with my work, almost treating it as though it’s a living thing connected to me. My mood plays a part in the colours I choose, or the way I use my brushes and knives, and it can certainly affect the direction of the work; that’s what makes it so special to me.”

Recent feedback about Simon's work from collector Professor Steven Hawking CBE It looks like everything about space I cannot explain.”

Simon’s dynamic abstracts are widely collected by both private and corporate clients located around the globe, and he has a huge collector base in the UK.



Artwork Style
Media Description
High quality stretched canvas with acrylic paint
In a crate
United Kingdom
Weight 5Kg
Depth 5CM
Width 132CM
Height 102CM


Mona Jilbart -

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Looks absolutely magnificent