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Welcome to Fine Arts Bank

Fine Arts Bank is a one stop shop online community and market place catering to the art world. Our free membership will give you access to events, projects, news, videos, sharing and much more..


Fine Arts Bank was developed by Fine Arts Agent to assist art collectors and art enthusiasts to meet and follow living legends. Join events, follow news, learn about fine arts and build your art collections with the highest levels of transparency and security on Fine Arts Bank.

  Directly connect with the Artists 
 Complete artists profiles & history 
 Fully encrypted communications 
 Track artwork releases & pricing


Building strong relationships with emerging, mid-career and established artists who deliver genuine investment works of art with exceptional provenance, authenticity and sales records on the secondary market for long term hold and expected capital appreciation. 

 Art investments expected ROI at 12% +
 Not sensitive to interest rate fluctuations
 Art is a hard asset in increasing demand
 Enjoy the culture of fine arts investments


Whether if you are a business or an individual you can enjoy inexpensive leasing, rental or rent to buy programs. 

 Enjoy 6 months art rotation 
 Rental may be a deductible expense
 Support the local arts community
 Refresh your place of business

Join, meet and Share!

Fine Arts Bank is the ultimate online art platform for the art buyer to meet and follow emerging and mid-career artists under professional management. Fine Arts Bank online gallery is user friendly, easy to navigate for the new art buyer and highly functional for the collecting art investors with an art portfolios of their own for sale on Fine Arts Bank. Join free, find and invite your friends to gain ranking and user points to purchase artworks!